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Directed and animated by Magnus Engsfors, shot by Martin Nordqvist. A short movie illustrating the moment of total mental collapse due to very difficult personal circumstances.

Here’s Some Screen Shots:

Free Your Mind

.Free Your Yourself From Yourself.

At Peace in the Middle of Chaos

.At Peace in the Middle of Chaos.

At Peace in the Middle of Chaos

.Let your Spirit Soar, n Let your Lion Roar... - Code Sowise.

You can See it for yourself by Clicking Suddenly Below…

Suddenly from Magnus Engsfors on Vimeo.


One Comment

  1. Hey Code Sowise, definetly luvin the Mix, it feels good to get something free every once in a while(lol). Anyways just wanted to leave you a lil feedback in regards to the tracks. Definetly feelin Long Distance (love the lyrics and how you used the dial-a-tone), Hold on, Be strong is a real encouraging song that will inspire many feeling hopeless. Im really feeling C.H.I.L.D, to me it captures a struggling kid (worldwide issue). Lastly Im feelin free fallin, I just love the flow of the lyrics and the instrumental that goes along with it so beautifully. Anyways Loved the Mix, Keep em coming

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