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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Cody Ives Terry, (Born September 17, 1988 ) better known by his stage name (Code Sowise) is an American Hip-Hop Artist that Gained much attention from the release of his 2009 dabut mixtape The JetpaK Kid: Taking Flight

…Just a little Self-Manifestation.


.My Rhymes Eat Your Rhymes.

Eat Your Clones Before they Clone themselves…

.Some Other Kind of Love.

.Some Other Kinda Love.

R&B Singer/Engineer Released His Album: Some Other Kinda Love Which can Be Fully Streamed & Bought From LaLa…  Talked with Him Earlyer An He’s A Real Humble Cat, Said He’s Been Making Music For Awhile, Very Talented & His Songs Are Damn Worth the Buy. I Can sing too But I Aint No David Chin. LoL, He Deservse the Attention. So Show Him Some Love.

Music is a Gift to All Men From God. and I Can’t Live without it. What do You Feel? Comment Below…

DREAM BED... I Wanna Drool on it already...

DREAM BED... I Wanna Drool on it already...

Designed by one of the most popular Italian furniture companies Alf GroupAladino Up is a piece of contemporary bedroom furniture that looks very good. Look even More Soft . I Guess you can really Sleep on Air Now.

Directed and animated by Magnus Engsfors, shot by Martin Nordqvist. A short movie illustrating the moment of total mental collapse due to very difficult personal circumstances.

Here’s Some Screen Shots:

Free Your Mind

.Free Your Yourself From Yourself.

At Peace in the Middle of Chaos

.At Peace in the Middle of Chaos.

At Peace in the Middle of Chaos

.Let your Spirit Soar, n Let your Lion Roar... - Code Sowise.

You can See it for yourself by Clicking Suddenly Below…

Suddenly from Magnus Engsfors on Vimeo.